Youth Now Collaborative

The Youth Now Collaborative is a team of independent consultants working together to support communities in building healthy and sustainable environments where youth thrive.  We work to build capacity through the following activities:

Research, Evaluation, Training, and Evidence-Based Program Development

The Collaborative exists to support Youth Now Canada in achieving its strategic objectives, and to support external agencies in developing sustainable, strength-based solutions for youth.  Our interdisciplinary team works together to achieve excellence.

Our experienced facilitators offer the following workshops:

To inquire about a workshop, or for information on how our team can support you with your research or evaluation needs, please contact Dr. Benjamin Roebuck:, Dr. Melanie Bania:, or Beth O’Halloran:

Interdisciplinary Team

Dr. Melaine Bania (Ph.D. in Criminology),

Melanie Bania is a consultant with expertise in community-based evaluation, crime prevention and youth mentoring. She is currently conducting a national evaluation of a youth mentoring program funded by the National Centre for the Prevention of Crime (NCPC).

Beth O’Halloran (Masters of Nursing)

Beth O’Halloran is an experienced facilitator, registered nurse, and independent consultant with expertise in harm reduction, sexual health, and mental health. She has clinical experience working with street-involved youth, is a part-time clinical instructor in the area of community health, and has worked alongside community agencies to advocate for, develop and evaluate programs and health services. Beth is also a trainer for Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) 11.

Dr. Benjamin Roebuck (Ph.D. in Criminology)

Benjamin is Vice President of Youth Now Canada, and  Professor & Coordinator of the Graduate Victimology Program at Algonquin College, offering extensive expertise in adult education. His research in recent years has focused on resilience and strengths with youth experiencing homelessness. He is also an instructor for Mental Health First Aid for Adults who Interact with Youth.

Maryann Roebuck (Ph.D. Candidate in Community Psychology, MSW),

Maryann has expertise in the areas of evaluation, disability and mental health, and is currently a research coordinator with a national study of the strengths-based case management process in partnership with the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA).