Core Values

Strength-Based Philosophy of Care

Strengths are competencies that reside within us that create a sense of personal accomplishment, contribute to satisfying relationships, enhance our ability to deal with adversity and stress; and promote personal, social and academic development. Our strengths contribute to our resiliency; our ability to bounce back after traumatic events and life changes.

Adopting a strength-based philosophy of care means we strive to ensure that all decisions within our agency are made through the filter of strengths. We assess our therapeutic relationships, interventions, programs and written reports to ensure they reflect this mandate.

A strength-based approach helps young people build on the strengths they already possess to overcome obstacles. Youth build confidence, accept responsibility for their actions, and draw on their resources to develop achievable goals.  Our programs are tailored to each youth individually as opposed to a “one size fits all” approach.  When we identify and focus on a youth’s strengths, we build bridges for better relationships with them based on trust and a positive belief in their abilities.

Values, Beliefs & Attitudes

Youth Now is built on a foundation of strong Values, Beliefs & Attitudes which guide our team in building therapeutic relationships with youth and maintaining therapeutic environments in which youth are given opportunities to realize their potential for success.


  • Respect: That fosters accountability, commitment, leadership, and integrity.
  • Self Control: Demonstrated by faithfulness, forbearance, patience, and peacefulness.
  • Compassion: Through relationships that characterize forgiveness, gentleness, goodness, honesty/truth, love, joy, tolerance, and kindness.
  • Responsiveness: With regards to taking initiative, modeling positive behaviour, consistency and diligence.


  • We believe that youth represent the present and the future and therefore deserve to be served in an environment shaped by love, hope and respect.
  • We believe that youth are resilient, have potential for change, and are worth investing in.
  • We believe that it is important to recognize the potential of a young person regardless of his/her past.
  • We believe youth can become positive, contributing members of society.
  • We believe that growth is facilitated through learning.


We demonstrate our beliefs:

  • by recognizing people’s strengths, worth and individuality, despite past history or behaviours.
  • by building meaningful relationships and providing positive role modeling.
    by celebrating success.
  • by encouraging/providing learning opportunities for people to take responsibility and ownership for their behaviour and future.
  • by helping people to identify hurtful behaviours and encourage the development of helpful behaviours.
  • by showing compassion in creating supportive and caring environments.
  • by a commitment to continuous learning.

Board members, staff and volunteers are expected to support and demonstrate these values, attitudes and beliefs in all aspects of their involvement with Youth Now Canada.