Grace Arbour is a transitional housing program in Cornwall providing semi-independent living with support from Youth Now Connections.  The facility includes 4 small apartments with kitchens and bathrooms, in additional to some larger shared common space.  Grace Arbour is an ideal environment to support young people in need of housing who do not feel ready to live completely independently.  Youth Now Connections can provide support with important life skills like budgeting, healthy eating, and managing appointments, while also providing more direct intervention with youth requiring support for mental health, trauma, or addictions.

Fairbairn House is a small apartment-style student residence in Cornwall located directly across from the satellite campus for St. Lawrence College.  It includes 8 small apartments plus some shared common spaces, and laundry facilities are provided on site.

Rental Units with Connections Support.  Youth can experience barriers acquiring rental units and may require support negotiating with landlords.  Youth Now has established partnerships with landlords who are willing to rent to youth with complex needs on the condition that the Connections program is available to provide ongoing support if challenges arise.

For further information on any of our housing options, please contact us.