Youth Justice

Youth Now Canada operates two open custody and open detention programs funded by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services, Youth Justice Division. These programs are fully licensed by the Province of Ontario under the auspices of the Child and Family Services Act.

Youth are valued and respected in our youth justice programs through our strength-based approach. They are treated with dignity and supported to make choices and decisions while being held accountable for their actions and enhancing their skills.

Park Place for Youth is a 10-bed open custody and open detention facility in Peterborough for young men 12-17 years old. The dynamic staff team supports young men in setting achievable goals, and the program provides a wealth of resources, including:

  • A Section 23 classroom to help youth advance their education
  • A gardening program in partnership with a local high school
  • A skills and mentoring partnership with B!ke
  • Recreation, life skills and healthy sexuality education
  • A wide range of evidence-based programming

Talitha House is an 8-bed open custody and open detention facility in Ottawa for young women 12-17 years old. The facility is situated close to the picturesque Ottawa River, and the staff team strives to create an environment where young women feel safe and valued. Our team provide evidence-based, gender-specific, trauma-competent care, and support young women in a holistic manner.

Youth Now Connections is our community-based support program.  It provides individually-tailored programming to help young people work on their goals in the community. Our unique service delivery model blends therapeutic supports with life skills and systems navigation. For more information, please see Youth Now Connections.

Park Place for Youth

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Talitha House

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